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Cleaning Wand Terms & Conditions

Promises to Provide Quality Service by:

 Providing a professional cleaning service that is licensed, bonded, and insured.

 We provide trained cleaning person(s) on a specified date(s) and all cleaning supplies and equipment needed, including vacuums.

To Provide You with the Best Possible Service; Please

#1. Make your home accessible. The best method is typically providing Cleaning Wand  with a key or code for your home, but it is not a requirement. A fee will be charged if we are unable to access your home at the time of service (see lockout policy below)

#2.Turn off alarm systems. If you choose to leave the alarm armed, we will not be held responsible for false alarms or misuse of the alarm system. No exceptions.

​#3. Have your home picked up and ready to be cleaned. Hourly charged may be incurred if cleaning technicians require more time if your home is not ready to be cleaned. This means excessive boxes everywhere, etc. 

​#4.If we are requested to dust/clean inside of china cabinets or hutches, wash dishes, clean small computer equipment, antiques or collections, or to use customer’s equipment (e.g. vacuum), customer agrees not to hold CleanWand or any of its employees responsible for any damage or breakage to any article or component. We always make every effort not to break items, but accidents do happen. We have Limited Liability protection for replacement or repair. Identical replacement will be attempted but not guaranteed. It is for this reason, we avoid cleaning requests for irreplaceable or sentimental valuable items. Damage must be reported within 24 hours of service and after the customer assumes liability.

​#5. Cleaning Wand cannot be responsible for damage due to faulty and/or improper installation, lack of maintenance, or general wear and tear of any items.

​#6. If you’re at home while your team is cleaning, please stay at least SIX FEET away, please, at all times. 

​#7 If you’re not happy with your cleaning, please take photos of the areas you want to discuss. Please text us at 917.659.9944. When we receive your claim, we will then return to your home for FREE. You would need to file your claim within 8hrs of your cleaning. After those eight hours, we are no longer able to provide a FREE follow up.

​#8 If you would like us to clean in the back of any electronics, your electronics must be fully unplugged. We don’t want to be responsible for mishandling wires, etc. This includes televisions, lamps, etc. Anything that may be plugged in an outlet 

​#9. Cleaning Wand  does not provide sectional cleanings. We charge by Bedroom/Bath Numbers, Square Footage, Labor, Time and Materials. 

​#10. CleaningWand has the right to take Video/Photos of each clients home/apartment for insurance and quality purposes.

​#11. Your cleaning will take approximately 3-6 hours. New clients will have to kindly sign a terms of completion once the cleaning is completed and be home.

​#12. Post Construction + Move In Move Out Cleanings all materials and furniture must be cleared from home in order to clean

​Rescheduling, Cancellation and Lockout Policy:

– We require 24-hour notice for reschedules or cancellations. There will be a FULL charge for cancellations within 10 hours of scheduled cleaning and all lockouts. This is because we have to pay staff + equipment if you show to your cleaning or not. 

​– We will make every attempt to reschedule company initiated schedule changes due to holidays or extreme weather conditions as close to regular scheduled cleaning date as possible.

​Other Information from Cleaning Wand

– To meet customer needs and their satisfaction, Cleaning Wand  reserves the option to reevaluate rates at any time.

​– If customer requests changes to service that differs from original estimate, additional charges will be billed or a new estimate may be required.

​– Due to exposed liability, we cannot care for pets, plants, or children.

​- Please understand we have a  60minute window from your appointment time to arrive at your home from the time your appointment is scheduled. This means if your appointment is at 2pm for example, your arrival window is from 2pm -3pm.

​ Please understand if you choose the wrong cleaning package or square footage we have the right to correct prices if your home is larger or smaller than what was selected and you will incur the balance.

– understand if insurance is required for your building we need to know this before your cleaning. If we are locked out because of this we CAN NOT refund your cleaning 

– One coupon valid per order. You can not use two coupon codes at once.

– Clients MUST SUPPLY #1. A paper towel roll #2. A plastic bag for each cleaning 

Move In/ Move Out Cleaning and Post Construction Cleanings = Home or office must be empty


Understand if you have specific requests for a cleaning you must contact Cleaning Wand team via text. You can not give instructions to your cleaning team because they will only do what we tell them to do. It’s important that you communicate with Cleaning Wand via text or call not our Cleaning staff!

– WE DO NOT PROVIDE REFUNDS AFTER 24hrs of payment. MUST CANCEL appointments before 24hrs!


– If you are dissatisfied with a portion of your cleaning, let us know within 8-hours and we will send a crew back to your home to redo that area. Please make sure you have of pictures of the area.  

-If completion contract is not signed at the end of a cleaning this means the client has waved full liability. 

Insurance COI

We are bonded and insured. This means we have insurance to protect you the client and us the small business.

In any case if you “the client” decides to make a claim if insurance does not approve your claim by New York State Law we are NOT liable personally for any payout damages.